Smartphone vs DSLR Camera in 2020

Smartphone vs DSLR camera, what you think who’ll win?

The smartphones evolved their camera so much that people are now confused to choose between a smartphone or a professional DSLR camera.

Top smartphone companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, improving their smartphone cameras day by day and giving a tough competition to point and shoot cameras these days.

Even brands like Xiaomi and Huawei are giving an edge to edge competition.

But can smartphone cameras replace DSLRs?

The answer is a big NO.

Today smartphone companies have introduced the Quad camera system and promise that the camera can give you a much better result for portrait photography and in low light photography.

So, I thought to write an article about “Smartphone vs DSLR camera” which will help you explain which one is for you.

Smartphone vs DSLR Camera

Reasons to choose a smartphone camera over DSLR

#1 Portability

smartphone camera

One of the best things about having a smartphone camera is that you have a portable, less bulky camera always available in your pocket.

You can’t take your professional big bulky DSLR everywhere whenever you go out. Because bringing a big camera bag on your first date will look awkward.

But you should be thanks to your smartphone because nowadays you can capture your moments without carrying a big bag full of gears.

#2 Easily share photos

social media smartphone camera

Another benefit of using a smartphone camera is that you can easily edit and share your photos on social media directly from your phone.

If your purpose is to update your social media account every minute with the photos you have clicked then using a smartphone camera can save your time.

Yes, there are also DSLRs available with inbuilt wifi or Bluetooth to share photos instantly. But all DSLR’s don’t have wifi or Bluetooth.

Reasons to choose a DSLR over smartphone camera

#1 Big sensor size

DLSR camera sensor

Yes, the best thing about having a DSLR is that you have a much bigger camera sensor than the sensor size of your smartphone. And sensor size has a direct impact on image quality.

Even the cheapest DSLR can provide a far better image quality than a high-end smartphone. No matter how good quality camera smartphone companies develop, they can never beat a DSLR in terms of sensor size.

This means DSLR is always better than a smartphone in terms of image quality.

#2 Manual control

DSLR camera setting

Yes, an important thing that I love about using a DSLR camera is that it offers manual control over your camera. You can keep experimenting with different camera settings and you can be more creative.

#3 Interchangeable Lens

camera lens

Unlike smartphones, DSLRs are interchangeable lens cameras. In a smartphone, you can’t change the lens because it’s inbuilt but you can do this in a DSLR. There are different types of lenses available in the market for different types of photography.

Wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, prime lens, fisheye lens, these are few examples of types of lens for different photographic scenarios. You can use any lens in your DSLR according to your preference or need.

Both smartphone cameras and DSLRs are good in their area. But it’s wrong if we say that one can take the place of another. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. But if we compare the image quality then DSLR’ll win the game. And why not there is something good in the big bulky bag which a smartphone in your pocket can’t give you.

I hope you enjoyed this article about “Smartphone vs DSLR camera: Which is better for you“.Do let know in the comment box if you still have any queries, confusion or suggestion or contact us.

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