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DSLR vs Point And Shoot- Choose a Right camera

DSLR vs Point and Shoot camera, of course, DSLR would win the game. But not always and not everyone needs a DSLR camera. It’s wrong to say that the DSLR camera would be a great choice for you because it’s image quality is great and it comes with an interchangeable lens.

But when it comes to choosing a perfect camera for your need then we should note down the strengths of both cameras.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the strengths of a point and shoot camera and a DSLR camera to make it easier for you to pick a camera that perfectly suits all your needs.

DSLR camera Strengths

Sensor Size

sensor size of dslr vs point and shoot

Since DSLRs come with a larger sensor, they have larger pixel sizes that can capture a lot more details. In another word, DSLRs offer better image quality.


As a photographer, you can enjoy a lot of benefits if you choose a DSLR instead of a point and shoot camera. These cameras have high-quality lenses with long focal lengths based on what you are photographing and you can switch lens according to your need for photography.

You also have options to attach a lot of accessories, such as filters and External Flash to make your camera adaptable in different conditions.

Manual Controls

using dslr camera

If you like manual controls, DSLR is the best choice for you as you can switch to manual mode if you don’t like the auto mode. This will give you control over a lot of settings that you cannot in the auto mode.


Generally, DSLRs are much faster than regular cameras as far as shuttle lags and focusing is concerned.

High ISO Range

ISO in a Camera

The ISO range is different in digital cameras. However, if you have a DSLR, you can choose to pick higher ISO settings based on the light conditions.

Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera Strengths



Point-and-shoot cameras are so small that you can put them in your pocket and carry them wherever you want to. This is good news if you need a small camera for parties and gatherings.

Easy to operate

easy to operate

Unlike DSLR cameras, these cameras are much easier to use. The subject won’t even realize that they are being photographed.

Auto Mode

Auto mode in Point and shoot

If you are just a beginner, you may not want to mess with the manual mode. For beginners, it is much better to use a point and shoot camera as it comes with the auto mode. This mode automatically selects the right settings based on light conditions and other factors. So you can just grab the camera and take as many photos as you can.


Unlike DSLR, these cameras are relatively cheaper. So, if you are on a low budget, this type of camera is the best choice for you.

In short, both DSLR and point and shoot have some strengths as well as weaknesses. If you are planning to buy one make sure you consider the strengths of both types to make the right choice.

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