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Shutter Speed- Improve Your Photography by effectively using it

These days every brand is adding different features to make photography easier for beginners. Most of the time photographers use their camera in auto mode because it makes easier for them to capture photos without worrying about anything. But, reliable use of shutter speed can drastically improve your photos.

So in this article, I am going to explain 5 Ways to Improve Photography by effectively using Shutter Speed in a Camera.

Well, in this article I am not going to explain in detail what is shutter speed in a camera because I already did in my previous article. If you didn’t read that, I suggest you read that one before reading this. Click here to know about it in detail.

Sometimes it’s hard for a newbie to switch to shutter priority or manual mode from auto mode because of lack of knowledge about camera mode. The solution for this is only practice. You have to learn about different modes in a camera and practice to know more about your camera.

#1 Use a tripod while shooting at a slow shutter speed

use a tripod for slow shutter speed

If you are shooting anything below 1/60th of a second you will most likely need a tripod or some support like leaning against a wall or a tree. Basically, you should use support so that you can keep your camera steady.

#2 Use your lens as an overview

What this means is if you are using a 200mm lens or at 200mm end of a zoom lens, use this as an overview to set your slowest shutter speed. That means 1/200th of a second would be your slowest speed while shooting with a 200mm lens.

#3 To Freeze a movement

example of fast shutter speed

If you want to freeze motion or movements in your photos, you have to make use of a fast shutter speed such as 1/500th or 1/1000th of a second. The shutter speed you choose will certainly be figured out by the speed of the action. A moving bicycle would certainly be slower than a moving car.

#4 To show motion blur in a photo

example of slow shutter

Sometimes you want to create a motion blur effect to show speed or movement in your photograph. To achieve this effect you have to do the opposite of what you did to freeze an object.

So, you’ll need to use a shutter speed of slower than 1/50th of a second. Using slow shutter speed will allow your subject to move across your frame while the shutter is open and this will create a motion blur in your photo.

#5 To capture photos in low light conditions

Low light photography

Sometimes you want to capture photos of buildings or any scene in low light. In that case, you’ll require to decrease your shutter speed. Mostly you’ll need to shoot in complete seconds which gives your camera more time to keep the shutter open so that it can capture more light.

Keep in mind that it’s not possible to get a good result only by changing the shutter speed alone if you are clicking photos in manual mode. While in shutter priority mode you only have to change the shutter speed according to your need and other things are controlled by the camera automatically.

I have also written my previous article on different camera modes (click here to read), you should read that to learn about camera modes.

So, these are 5 Ways to Improve PhotographyThere are many limitations also but with practice, you’ll learn what’ll work and whatnot. That’s why keep experimenting with your camera and keep practicing.

I hope this article about “5 Ways to Improve Photography by effectively using Shutter Speed” is helpful for you and still, if you have any confusion or query you can comment or contact us directly.

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