digital camera modes

Digital Camera Modes- Beginner’s Guide

Today every camera brand in the market offers some special features and modes. Day by day they are making their technology easy for newbies. There are some basic digital camera modes that are present in every Digital SLR camera. These modes may be complicated or confusing for a beginner to understand.

So, in this article, I am going to explain the basic digital camera modes which you should know if you want to learn more about your camera.

Digital camera modes


Digital camera modes

This is the mode which most camera owners use. In this mode, you don’t need to worry about anything as the name explains itself. The camera automatically selects the best setting for Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO, Focus and flash according to lighting conditions as measured by the camera’s light meter.

This is a useful mode for a beginner but there are also some disadvantages of using this mode. As you don’t have any control over your camera and you have to accept what your camera gives you. So, I would suggest you to stop using auto mode as soon as you get control over manual modes.


Program mode

This mode is for users who want a partial control over their camera’s setting. If you want to stop using Auto mode and want to learn about manual mode, then this mode is the best way to get a little control over your DSLR. In this mode, the camera adjusts the shutter speed and aperture according to the conditions and gives you control over other settings.


camera modes

In this mode, the camera gives you control over aperture (f-number) while it adjusts the shutter speed automatically to give your photo proper exposure based on the lighting conditions as measured by the camera’s light meter.


shutter priority mode

This mode is similar to the aperture priority mode. The camera gives you control to choose the shutter speed while it adjusts the aperture automatically to give your photo proper exposure based on the lighting conditions as measured by the camera’s light meter.


Manual mode in a camera

This is for advanced level photography. In this mode, you have full control over the settings of your camera as the camera doesn’t do any adjustments and leaves everything up to you. You can adjust the shutter speed, aperture (f-number), ISO and other things according to your need. This can help you to get the shot you want, instead of the shot your camera thinks you want.


All these modes are for the convenience of the user and you should try all these modes and know the difference between them. And last I would say photography is all about experiments.

So, go out and explore your DSLR because the more you get into it, the more you’ll learn.

I hope this article about “Digital Camera Modes” is helpful for you and still if you have any confusion or queries you can comment below.

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